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Villa Rosental Leipzig: Tanzschule

The first move isn't only the important thing – but it is also the correct one.

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Our dance school provides you with the total range of dancing activities. The aim of the meeting is not only that our guests should meet here and become acquainted with each other, but they also should enjoy and take pleasure in dancing. Of course, particular focus is being put on learning the right steps, in addition to the cozy get-together.

Villa Rosental Leipzig: Tanzschule
  • Ballroom/Latin dance
  • Argentine Tango
  • Salsa/Merengue
  • Belly Dancing
  • Flamenco, Swing, Samba, …

Among the various possibilities provided, you can choose from workshop courses, private lessons to out-of-house courses.

Appointments/course schedule of the dance school

Would you like to take part in a course that has already begun? Just ask us.

Day Hour Course Teacher Location
A = Beginner, M = Intermediate, F = Advanced, H = Hobby
18:00–18:45 Zumba für Junggebliebene Yvonne H. Humboldtstr. 1
20:00–21:00 Tango Argentino/ Salsa (in Planung) Luis V. /Andres A. Humboldtstr. 1
19:00–20:00 Standard/Latein (A) Kay Polster Humboldtstr. 1
20:00–21:00 Standard/Latein (M) Jahren Kay Polster Humboldtstr. 1
18:30–19:30 Zumba Anastasia G. Humboldtstr. 1
19:00–20:00 Standard/Latein (M) Alex U. Humboldtstr. 1
19:00–20:00 Hobby Discofox Anastasia G. Humboldtstr. 1
20:00–21:00 Standard/Latein (A) Anastasia G. Humboldtstr. 1
18:00–19:00 Standard/Latein (M) Alex U. Humboldtstr. 1
19:00–20:00 Standard/Latein (F) Alex U. Humboldtstr. 1
15:00–16:00 Grundkurs Anastasia G. Humboldtstr. 1
16:00–17:00 Discofox (A) / (M) Anastasia G. Humboldtstr. 1
17:00–18:00 Hochzeits - Crashkurs Anastasia G. Humboldtstr. 1
18:00–19:00 Standard/Latein (M) Alex U. Humboldtstr. 1


from 10,00 € per person and teaching unit 45 minutes each.

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Are you looking for a dance partner? You can find him in our listing service for single dancers Pfeil nach rechts Singletanzbörse.

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Please call (Telephone: 0341 980 40 59) or contact us by using this form (* entry required).

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